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The brand that brings the new 'must have' summer sliders made from a sustainable, eco-friendly new breed of plastic. Moses sliders are not just cool looking, they’re waterproof, washable, animal friendly, smell of milk & honey & are so comfortable you’ll wear them in winter with socks.

The FREEDOM sliders are made from PCU, a superior grade of sustainable, eco-friendly plastic injected with air. This unique combination of materials creates a durable and ultra comfortable walking experience. The FREEDOM sliders are washable, just grab a sponge and some regular soap and you’re good to go.


Sarah Gurt, originally from Paris, France is a designer and entrepreneur with expansive experience in fashion. She acquired her professional education as a shoe designer in 1999, at Central St. Martins and at Cordwainers College and has since filled a series of positions as a shoe designer for high-end companies in Europe and the US such as Thierry Mugler, Calvin Klein & Oscar de la Renta.

Additionally, Sarah has extensive experience in the fast fashion arena working at the eponymous US brands Chinese Laundry, Kenneth Cole… After what (sometimes) felt like 40 years in the intense fashion scene, Sarah decided it was time to come back to her adopted home of Israel and start a brand that relates to her local lifestyle & that could resonate with people around the world. A brand that embodied the aesthetics and vibes of her city, Tel Aviv. Coolness, Comfort, Color & Spontaneity.